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Allen & Justin sit down with some of the movers and shakers of the ATM industry to find out about whats new in the world of ATMS, National ATM Council and to catch up in general.

We are at NAC 2022, the National ATM Council Conference in Hollywood, Florida. Thank you to Bruce Renard from NAC for setting us up with three great guests for the podcast. Today we will speak with three companies on the cutting edge of FinTech and Payments, and we will discuss products and services coming to a store near you shortly. Technology is the great equalizer!

First up is Brian Crumpler, CEO of Pocketbook, a cool app that allows you to get money from an ATM thru an app and is connected to your financial services apps – this is cutting edge and for consumers who are underbanked or unbanked, this is exciting and enables those consumers to get money from an ATM. https://www.pocketbooknetwork.com/

Next up is Bran Nolan, Chief Product and Marketing Officer of Hyosung – this is my favorite ATM equipment company. We use these in many of our locations. We will discuss all the new services they are bringing to the ATM. The future of ATMs – https://hyosungamericas.com/

Our final guest, Brain Haines from PAI – Payment Alliance International. We have known each other for years, and we work with PAI; we talk about the future of ATMs and some of the services coming to the ATM world. Enjoy the podcast and listen to what is coming to a store near you. https://gopai.com/

Carpe diem Allen & Justin

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