It’s time for FinTech Friday – and in today’s episode Allen and Justin are going to discuss

a few news stories and some suggestions for small business owners on how to finish up

2022 and make plans for 2023 to kill it!

Story 1 –

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

went to court over several rules they made and a Judge in Louisiana ruled

that they do not have any oversight and can not make rules/laws

CFPB – monitors fintechs, payday loan companies, consumer loan companies, and more.

As part of October being Cyber Security Month

We talk about the move to go password less and the challenges ahead

We talked about some new apps that will let you load up multiple cards

and then help you choose which one to use based on the best interest rate,

rewards etc..

Another notable story about a salon in California – the credit card machine

was stollen and $40K in fraud happened.

We talk about pointers to protect you from this happening at your business and if

your machine was stollen what you can do about it.

Now tips for small business and business owners in general.

Password protect your credit card machine! for anything other than sales.

Promote what makes your business unique

Upgrade your technology – payment systems, websites, social media etc.

Do you offer e-invoicing so you customers can pay you easily?

Are you accepting the latest – coolest payment methods.

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