It’s the day after Thanksgiving – I hope everyone is having a great time with family.

Here is a list of topics that we discussed today:

🚀 Zelle is in the hot seat with Congress.
🚀 Buy now, pay later in hot water with regulators and why.
🚀 Lots of news with Banks and Investment companies.
🚀 JP Morgan – Trademarks a Crypto Wallet
🚀 Are banks in trouble as Fintech companies are all starting to offer banking as a service (BaaS).
🚀 Crypto in the news – FTX issues, Sofi Bank also in hot water with bank regulators.
🚀 Will congress do anything about Cryptocurrency – with all the stuff in the news and accusing a few companies of pump-and-dump schemes?
🚀 Warning letters sent to CBD companies by the FDA seem to be a non-stop issue, and the lack of rules and one agency in charge of this is also an issue with CBD and Cannabis.
🚀 Having multiple government agencies involved bogs things down as far as moving things along.

We enjoy discussing what is in the news that affects consumers and merchants – it’s important to understand things about financial subjects, and there is a big gap in financial literacy in the USA.

We hope that you enjoy these updates.

Happy Holiday’s!!!

We are thankful for our listeners and customers!

Carpe Diem -Sieze the day!

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