In today’s episode of 📻🎙️ B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast Allen & Justin talk about a few trends we are at the end of 2022, and 2023 looks like it’s going to be an exciting year regarding new payment options for businesses.

We covered in this podcast:

🚀 What is going on with Digital Assets – and will there be regulation

🚀 Congress has some bills to regulate Digital Assets, and ask Crypto and other Tokens.

🚀 New AML – Anti Money Laundering requirements could cause some issues in the beginning of 2023 and cause some companies to close down permanently or temporarily

🚀 Banks and Credit Cards – now have to buy pay later built in and could spell the end for these buy now pay later fintech companies or at least reduce their revenue in 2023

🚀 Passwords and the need to go passwordless in the news constantly and someone needs to figure it out.

🚀 Chargebacks – especially Friendly Fraud is in the news – and business owners need to fight back, we discuss how to win more chargebacks!

🚀 Cannabis continues to be in the news – The Safe Banking Act – kicked down the road by Congress and Visa is pushing forward on the cashless ATM crackdown with $50K fines per device.

🚀 Retailers asking for tips – we discuss whether this is good, bad or ugly.

🚀 Real-time payments and pay by the bank – will these emerge in 2023 – time will tell.

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