It’s time for the February Monthly Wrap-up Episode. We will talk about all the episodes we did during the month.

  • Check Scams – time to start taking ACH – Episode 140
  • Has tipping culture gone too far? What do you think? Episode 141
  • 7 Rules for small business in 2023 – what laws has the government passed that are going to affect business owners – this is a must-listen-to Episode 142
  • Where do small businesses go for resources – Episode 143 If you own a business or are you starting a business?
  • How shoplifting, online shoplifting, and Dine and Dash affect businesses, consumers, and employees. Episode 144
  • Point of sale pain points & how business can work through those challenges, and we talk about must-have features, Episode 145
  • Is Fintech or Financial Technology changing the way we bank? Fintech vs. Traditional Banking – Episode 146
  • The birth of B2B Vault – Why we started the podcast? And check out the new studio on our YouTube Channel! Episode 147

We love coming up with topics and talking about business, payments and how to use technology in your business!

Carpe Diem