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If you own a business and process credit cards and want to learn about the latest trends and technology for businesses, this is the podcast for you!

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Find out about new products and how to use them in your business.


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Learn about new rules, regulations, and laws that affect business owners.

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Learn about the latest technology for payment processing solutions.

Your Host

Allen Kopelman

Allen has been hosting the B2B Vault – The Biz To Biz Podcast since October of 2021. We bring valuable information about Small Businesses, FinTech, Payments, and the technology businesses use in today’s world. We provide business owners and people starting a business with information about how to navigate the world of payments, marketing, money-saving tips, and how to obtain and maintain a merchant account, whether it is low-risk or high-risk. We also discuss laws, rules, and regulations that can affect business owners. 

Your Co-Host

Justin Owings

Justin is the co-host of B2B Vault. He is the Digital Marketing Director for Nationwide Payment Systems and has over a decade of experience helping small businesses succeed online and in brick-and-mortar shops. When Allen asked Justin to be a part of the podcast, he was apprehensive at first. But after a few months of recording, he decided to hop on camera and let his voice be heard. Allen and Justin go back and forth about all types of business-related topics. Justin’s in-the-field experience and Allen’s knowledge of the payment processing business leads to some exciting conversations. Tune in and follow the podcast @b2bvault everywhere!

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B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast

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