The Cannabis Market is in Limbo for business owners.

In today’s podcast, we talk about what is going on up on Capital Hill with Cannabis.

Here are some of the subjects we are covering:

Does the Safe Banking Act have a chance? – update

Why is it hard to get a bank account?

Compliance and why it’s important.

Why no one got out of Jail – with the recent Executive Order

What can be done about all the cash at dispensaries, and what solutions are available now and what some banks – who are vendors of ours are proposing.

Cashless ATMs are under attack from Visa and Sponsoring Banks.

Can you have an ATM in your Cannabis Dispensary – Yes – if you follow the rules.

We also touch on what is happening with CBD, Kratom, and Cannabis related businesses.

And how to get a merchant account that is not high priced – if you work with our sponsor Nationwide Payment Systems.