Today we dive into the past and what we discussed and predicted in 2022 as payment, fintech, and business trends.

There were plenty of winners, some that won that we don’t like, and some losers on the list of things we wish would have happened but did not.

One popular subject on the podcast is Cannabis, and I can say that it is disappointing that Congress has not acted and passed the SAFE Banking ACT. This needs to get passed in 2023!!! CBD, HEMP, and Kratom continue to struggle with banking and merchant services – there are too many Government agencies on top of these industries.

The list for 2022 included QR Codes made a huge comeback, and that continues; alternative payments didn’t happen yet, but we are hopeful for 2023 on that one.

Self Service Kiosks and Self-checks out are a pain and are going to cause a lot of strife for jobs for our young people, but it is a train that is not going to stop – and we saw Mcdonald’s open a new restaurant with no human contact –

Crypto had its ups and down in 2022 and ended in a crash and burn with FTX and SBF. – Let’s see if in 2023 – if it can make a comeback!

E-commerce continues to grow, grow and grow – the future is strong, and bringing alternative international payments to these merchants could make 2023 an exciting year.

E-invoicing and Payment Portals were popular in 2021 and 2022 and will continue to grow in the B2B sector.

ATM’s going away – that did NOT happen, and the ATM industry is strong as ever and growing; cashless ATMs are in trouble, and Visa is threatening businesses with a $50K fine. Other exciting products are coming to the ATM market that will turn machines into Financial Kiosks.

2023 looks to be very exciting, with many developments in these areas.

Real-Time Payments, Pay by Bank, Alternative Payments, Cryptocurrency, Omni Channel Solutions for the SMB Market, Business specific software

market will continue to see rapid growth, Banks partnering with Fintech Companies, Passing the fee to the cardholder, Faster Approvals for

merchant accounts – will that be a huge trend – we say YES.

We see High-Risk Merchant services going thru some changes as companies merge, and there are fewer choices for these merchants.

Government Regulation: We talk about Durbin, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Listen in, and let us know what you think might be the next big thing in payments and fintech for 2023!