In today’s episode of 📻🎙️ B2B Vault: The Payment Technology Podcast Allen & Justin answer the top ten questions regarding integrated payments.

🚀 What are integrated payments?
🚀 Why do merchants and business owners need integrated payments?
🚀 What benefits software companies to have integrated payments?
🚀 Can software companies make money if they integrate payments?
🚀 What other advantages do software companies have if they integrate?
🚀 Should the software company become an ISO or Payfac?
🚀 How much does it cost to get set up?
🚀 What about the hybrid payfac model?
🚀 Why should software companies partner with Nationwide Payment Systems?
🚀 Why do you think this is one of the hottest things in the industry right now?

Carpe Diem!